Video Source Comparison

Below are images acquired from a GE Logiq 400 ultrasound machine. The first is from the component RGB output using a Foresight Imaging I-RGB 25 board. The second is from the S-video output using a Foresight Imaging I-Color board. The third is from the composite video output using a Foresight Imaging I-Color board. As you can see, for the highest image quality, a component RGB video source should be used. It results in crisp lines, text, and color reproduction. The highest quality sources combined with the highest quality frame grabbers from Foresight Imaging yield proven, repeatable images for reliable diagnosis and measurement results. S-video sources produce lesser quality images than RGB, and composite video sources produce the lowest quality images. Regardless of the source used, Foresight Imaging frame grabbers and video streamers provide the highest quality images. See our image accuracy piece for further information. To view the images in more detail, right click on the image, choose Save Picture As..., save the image to your local drive, open in Paint, and zoom up.

Component RGB Video Source

S-Video Source

Composite Video Source